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Discount train fares for unemployed laborers


The Vietnam Railways Corporation has announced its first-for-ever policy to discount for unemployed workers.

According to the new train fare policy, approved by the corporation’s General Director on February 12, as of February 24, unemployed workers will enjoy a train fare discount up to 25% for hard seats. However, they have to show papers proving that they are unemployed.


The corporation expects that the economic situation will get better from now until June, so the number of unemployed workers will fall.


“As of February 24, we will sell 25% discount tickets to unemployed laborers who wish to travel by train from March 1- April 28 and from May 4-31,” said an official of the Vietnam Railway Corporation, Nguyen Huu Tuyen.


He said that students who travel by train in groups of at least 15 members will also enjoy 25% discount for both hard an soft seats. The fares will be lower if passengers buy tickets earlier.


In addition, trains will have an empty carriage, without seat numbers for passengers who do not buy tickets in advance.


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